How To Care For Your Ann Arbor Eyelash Extension Lashes

If you are looking for a new and innovative way of adding length to your eyelashes, then the Ann Arbor Eyelash Extension is the answer! This is one of those beauty enhancement methods that does not require surgery, risks, or anything such as that. You can have gorgeous long lashes just by spending an hour or so in your local beauty salon. This method is even more interesting because you only need three basic things to do the procedure: makeup, time, and a good beauty pro.

When you visit an Ann Arbor beauty salon, the first thing they will do is take some measurements of your eyes, which is essential because this will help them make your eyelashes longer and thicker. These measurements are also used to determine how many lashes you will need to get, giving your professional eyelash extensions in a personalized and unique way that fits your natural beauty. Once they have these measurements, they will ask if you want to have the extensions used in your own home at a given time.

Your professional beauty salon staff will use their magnifying lamp to apply for the lash extensions. They will place each extension on your lower lashes and cover your upper and lower lashes with eyeliner. The lashes will stay in place using particular glue, and you can remove them whenever you like.

Another thing you’re Ann Arbor eyelash extensions lashes technician will put a white cream eyeliner around your eyes before they put the wings in. This is an essential step because the cream will ensure the extensions stick to your skin better. Once all of the components are placed, the technician will apply a special eye serum to the upper lashes to help them stay longer. They will do the same to the lower lashes. After the process is done, the technician will put a strip of surgical tape under each lash to hold them in place.

Your Ann arbor eyelash extensions procedure is not complete until the technician has applied proper maintenance makeup to you. Since they are still adhesive, they can sometimes be tricky to remove if not adequately cleaned. Your technician will guide you on how to clean and condition your eyelashes to make them appear flawless and help them last longer. It is recommended that you read the instructions provided by your Ann arbor salon before beginning the process.

When your Ann Arbor eyelash extensions are removed, you should follow a few basic steps before putting them away. You will need to apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes before removing the extensions. You should use a primer for your eyes to help them stick together better once the extensions are removed. Then you should put on makeup that helps to hold your eyelashes in places, such as eyeliner and mascara.

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